Stop foreign aid to India and China, send it to UK Overseas Territories instead!

British territories in the Caribbean devastated by Hurricane Irma can't receive foreign aid because they are "too wealthy"! Who is some jumped-up bureaucrat at the OECD to tell us where to send our foreign aid? Time to stop foreign aid to countries like India and China with their own space programs, and give it to British territories in desperate need! I spoke to David Kurten, London Assembly Member for UKIP.

Theresa May has a nerve telling the police that they have a good pay deal! She already said they were "crying wolf" when she was Home Secretary, after coppers said they were stretched to the limit by cuts, and since then we've had terror attacks and a rise in violent crime! Now the police federation has called May a liar. I spoke to Clive Chamberlain, media commentator and former officer at the Police Federation. 

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