Stratford's Swans make more sense than Politicians!

Jon Gaunt was up early and walking by the Avon in Stratford Upon Avon and looking at the swans!

He has taken ten minutes for himself just to ponder and meditate  on the modern world and his place in it.

This is a very different style of podcast from Gaunty but one you should still listen to it as it still has the same passion that you have come to expect from Jon Gaunt.

He has been watching the Great Hack on Netflix and realising that we are all being manipulated and controlled by the New Media Oligarchs and the Elite. Life is is not about left and right anymore, it is about us and them.

The only thing you can really control is how you react to all this BS.

You can choose not to let it affect you and your life.

Jon has decided he is no longer wearing "wing mirrors" or a rear view mirror and he is only looking forward. He suggests that you do the same thing too.

Have a listen, he might just surprise you.

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