Taxi for Theresa May and scrap HS2 NOW!

Jon Gaunt is polishing his dancing shoes and is overjoyed that at last Theresa may is going to be booted out of Number 10.

He wants Boris as next leader and PM and says Johnson should then form a pact with Nigel Farage to lead this great country of ours.

Jon is also calling for the  scrapping of Hs2 as it is a complete waste of money and is now not needed.

Jon is in a great mood and on top form enjoy this episode.

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tomy smith
I do not know you, and I would not wish to know you,because I can see by your silly comments what a prat you are.The Brexit party would and never will never require your kind in this up coming party that will lead us back to become a democracy again.

Oh and what is my kind the working class of this country Who Farage does NOT represent, his Candidate for the North West is Clare FOX, who doesn't want CHILD PORN online to be censored who supports the IRA

Farage doesn't even have a political party it's the Brexit party LTD it's a company and farage is the only shareholder, Also it's another Establishment controlled opposition , Farage has sold you out, yes we may get Brexit in another 2-3 years, Also there is no way on this planet that i will vote for that IRA terrorist loving child porn appeasing Clare FOX, I'm voting for TOMMY ROBINSON !!!! And boris is a FAKE Brexiteer and a Toff

Sod HS2Time for nationwide roll-out of FIBRE OPTIC TO THE HOME/OFFICE, And Also Dodge the cancer causing 5G roll out, which isn't needed i do not want it in the street lights in my street bombarding my home and me 24/7 with electro magnetic military grade cancer causing radiation, So a few already wealthy pigs can benefit