Teachers Union FORBIDS Parents to object to Transgender agenda being forced on under tens!

This is an unbelievable story.  The National Association of Head Teachers, NAHT, is pushing a transgender agenda to kids under ten and are telling their members to "FORBID" any parents, GOVERNOR OR TEACHER FROM OBJECTING TO IT!

Ofsted and the Government appear to be backing this large scale indoctrination of our under tens in a PC driven attempt to force DIVERSITY down our throats.

People and parents must surely have a right to object if they so wish and these Heads are wrong as they are acting as PC Judge Jury and executioners on this matter.

Meanwhile can anyone tell me why we pay our Council tax?

We get such a shoddy service. Today in Warwick and Leamington they still have not cleared the paths and pavement in the Town centre? Why? The snow fell on Sunday and it is now Wednesday. 

Finally Gaunty agrees 100 percent with an item on the BBC website!!!


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Absolutely agree with Jon. What the hell is happening to our country