TELFORD TELFORD TELFORD. Orwell is spinning in his grave.

Whilst the Russian Spy Pantomime continues everyone in the Establishment is forgetting or ignoring the child sex abuse scandal in Telford.

This should be the top story in the news not Sidiq Khan moaning about being abused on Twitter.

Gaunty is raging that the MSM have not followed up the fact that girls as young as 12 have been raped and abused by these savages in Telford.

Meanwhile it looks like the Government are intent on starting another cold war with Russia and Putin. This is madness.

The smokescreen of the nerve gas story is also obscuring the fact that three Conservative commentators have been detained and then expelled from the UK?

Jon Gaunt thinks this is part of the continued attack on any  one who holds right of centre views and is an attack on free speech.

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We need a new party Jon .