Tell the EU to FU! No deal is better than this deal!

Enough of this blackmail and bribery The UK must walk away from these EU exit negotiations and tell then to stuff their deal where the Sun don't shine. Do you agree?

We need control of our borders, our courts, our laws and that was what we voted for on Independence day and the Political Elite must deliver.

How dare the EU tell us who we can trade with? Let walk out and get a deal with the USA, Japan, Australia and whoever we like whenever we like.

Then I talk about the Somalian thug who has just got £80,000 in compo because the useless Home Office kept him in prison for too long! He should have been deported years ago. He abused our hospitality.

The politicians in this country need to get grip and put the protection of us, the citizens first. If you agree please let ne know on Twitter and Facebook or on my website

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