The Death of Democracy, Mainstream politics and the Slow death of the UK!

Today with Theresa May's surrender to the EU we are witnessing the death of democracy, mainstream Politics and the slow death of this great Country.

Theresa May is a traitor but the whole Political Establishment class have stitched up the Millions who voted for Brexit.

What is the point in voting?

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What is it with your fascination for breaking into Capital (joke) letters mid sentence?

Your grammar is about as erudite as your uneducated views.

Jon, you keep mentioning the 'undemocratic EU' in your podcasts. Can I urge your listeners to Google 'How undemocratic is the EU', because the idea that laws are dictated from Brussels by unelected bureaucrats is simply wrong! This is so fundamental to the Leave camp's argument and I'm sure you would encourage your listeners to discover some of the facts behind the disinformation for themselves? Enjoying your podcasts!

It all started going wrong after WWII. Britain, the US and Russia were controlled by some very evil, shadowy people, who push war to other countries and spread sick, evil degeneracy in the home countries. They're still in control to this day. Why do you think Trump can't get anything done. Why do you think Kennedy was assassinated for wanting to end the Federal Reserve? Why do you think we, Europe and North America/Australia are having mass non-white immigration, no matter who's in charge?

Spineless politicians are destroying this country and should be held accountable