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Love your programme Jon, must be the water from bulwer road Radford, but I agree with everything you've said! listened to you for years! Keep up the good work mate, would love to meet for a coffee one day and catch up.
Andy Johnson
-Andy Johnson, Coventry

Hi Jon get better soon as I need my Gaunty fix love as always ziggi xx

Keep up the good work Jon. We need honest people like you at this time.

Jon went and saw Dunkirk at the pictures, at the end I clapped as I was so moved at the bravery of our troops and the great leadership back then, it chocked me how everyone pulled together and was PROUD TO BE BRITISH!! How life has changed now Jon
Maybe you should stand and be our next MR TRUMP OUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU !!!!!!
Ziggi xx

Great film! Proud to be British indeed!!!

Great radio show Gaunty, love the podcasts and you have won me over from LBC DAB radio. Keep up the great work guys.

Jon, I wouldn't be surprised if this Trans social engineering ended up in all schools. How are parents supposed to bring up their children when schools have an alternative agenda. If it came to my kids school I'd want to take them out, but the truth is I would be reluctant because I wouldn't want to unsettle my kids.
The TV is littered with this gay/trans narrative today with the BBC leading the way. I'm fed up with it and there needs to be a backlash and we should ignore the usual outrage.

I also wish there was less swearing and crude language by Jon.

I've tweeted Jon saying his bickering with the trolls & Iain Lee in particular is boring.

Couldn't listen to podcast 1 yesterday due to the poor quality.

I wish Jon didn't keep going on about his trolls and Ian Lee, who I have never heard of before. If you aren't in the radio industry this is of little interest.

Yeah getting sick of it. Jon you the man on here. Bit aggressive. How about have a debate or just move on.
Same as yer fitness. Good on you and all that

Not a good feed this I think. Don't do Twitter of FB, both poison

Wonder if Jon, Anthony or Sam ever look at this feed?

Jon I found you. Great podcasts keep up the good work

Think I done 3 or 4 posts on here. Feeling like a waste of time. Jon the grooming gang in Rochdale is going strong.
I think the name of the council help group is called Sunrise or something similar. They totaly ignore the concerns of the folk of Rochdale, self serving and in denial. As far as I know there are 16 to 17 groomers active in Rochdale connected to a Pakistani taxi rank.
Now I have Tweeted you about this and you seem to glide over this, why?

Hi Jon please can you get some pictures of Ant and Sam on the website.
tell slush puppy if he loos fit I might consider being his next Cougar lol

Also are you going to sell talk 2 me radio tshirts as I would be most proud and honoured to be wearing one to promote your fab sation

Love the show love ziggi xx

Funny how grown ups hang on to words of self serving folk. Bit sad innit.
Sounds like desperate empty souls

Why are we even suffering this complete nonsense? I understand that there are people that want to change, and that is fair enough. I understand that it is expensive to do these surgical procedures, and that is also fine. What I do not accept is that we, as the UK, are paying into our National Health Service, and then having to struggle to get certain drugs, procedures etc. whilst money is being pissed up against the wall for people to get 'gender reassignment'!
What happens when someone decides

that they are not 'binary; but some other madness? Will we have to pay to undo the surgery they have had? Vanity should NEVER be paid for by our National Service. Stop the carousel of 'sjw'>Shrink>media>surgery. Save the money for people with proper illnesses. Let those that want an addadicktome or boob job, pay for it.

another example of Islamic Blasphemy laws are being brought in by stealth, under the heading of islamaphobia!
freedom of speech is one sided in the UK,
as for the ridiculous attitude of the black country MP, maybe she should of thought about the area, their flag and historical industries she was representing BEFORE standing for election! and then campaigned for election with this 'racist' logo as her manifesto, then maybe she could represent her constituents opinions rather than her own

My city yesterday..

Unashamedly proud to be British

Keep up the good work my man. The more people fighting this regressive leftist agenda the better...

hi Jon, i received the same mail from UKIP piers today! after voting several time for UKIP i have joined so as to be able to vote for the up coming leadership election, i joined on 20.06.17.
if people are joining the party in numbers because of a candidate, the surely that is a good thing? or maybe representing the electorate is not something UKIP are interesting anymore?

Jon well done on your diet. I have started it yesterday so feeling a bit hungry so drinking lots of water. Thanks for the inspiration, I only need to lose half a stone but my husband needs to loose 5 so iam trying it first for him.
Keep us posted x

Gaunty my wife accuses me of listening more to you than I do her haha great show keep rocking the radio gaunty

Probably end up as an aggressive wife beater

You should ask the Northern Ireland POA rep to come on.. I think he will offer quite an alternative to OU Jackie..

Great New website! Loving the interaction in response to your shows!
Long time Listener.

great show Jon keep it going and growing spreading the word everywhere I go

Thanks Andy you're a good man

regards the issue cladding ive not heard anything about the actual manufacturer of said cladding ive heard that it was made in Germany but as we know has been banned in a lot of countries

your recent guessed Paul well we wouldn't be in this mess if that spineless Cameron had done as he said he would and trigger art50 the next day and as for Osborne being professor just shows how them look after themselves and pat each other on back and say well done we the plebs just seem to have to put up with their hideous decisions because they don't have to live with the consequences that is in the real world

Jon please ask Slush puppy and Snowflake why THEY are upset about Mr Trump telling a woman she has a nice smile, when most importantly the woman in question was not offended?
What a pair they are... stop being offended over nothing!
Great show and now website Jon, keep up the good work all.

Seriously Jon, sort your microphone out, you are at half the level of anyone you talk to and it is undoubtedly losing you listeners.

I can always tell when you're broadcasting from home. The quality is very poor.

I live in a block of flats in Walsall. I'm sure that had the tower block fire been up here, or anywhere in the country except London, our media coverage now would be mere column inches on page 12 of a tabloid and not the main item in daily politics
you can what the government is letting the Saudis get away with while selling them arms
and it's the same reason the government will not shut down Saudi mosques and Saudi had
preachers in the UK its all about the money the government don’t care how many little
people get killed just like Grenfell Tower we don’t matter to them

Far Right reaction ! No, this is me as Brit. saying I want my country back. Tony Blair, Mandelson and Gordon Brown opened the doors to immigration to change the political landscape.Theresa May, with her ineffective stint as Home Seceretary and now as PM, has simply carried on with this policy thus proving that she is completely out of touch with the real BRITISH people. 3000 + mosques/madrasses in this country for 5% of the population and 3500 Churches for the remainder - (less non believers).

I love the show but I wish you wouldn't be so rude to the callers. Calling them names like moron & imbecile is not very good.

Surprised you haven't been blocked for not praising him. Jon don't like anyone who disagrees (Unless you donate of course ha)

Corbyns argument is this 20 thousand police cuts! Why do we need more police? To be even more corrupt? So they can hide tge truth from us just like that women who was attacked and stabbed in the street!! Police=corruption

Jon every leader is full of it!! I will abstain! Because i refuse to vote for corbyn hes a terrorist sympathizer! I loved pierce morgan ripping into khan as well!!

Just discovered your show it's great, keep speaking the truth about what needs to be said.