The Remoaners are now officially in charge!

Us Brexit voters are having our democratic will subverted in front of us, and we have no anti-Brexit opposition to stop it! Arch-Remoaner Nicky Morgan has been elected as chair of the Treasury select committee, seeing off the pro-Brexit Jacob Rees-Mogg. Our government is infested with Remain-supporters who think democracy only counts if their side wins! Listen to Steven Woolfe, independent MEP and former UKIP immigration spokesman. He spoke with true passion! Do we need him back in British politics?
Our ports are open targets for people smugglers, drug traffickers and criminals! Budget cuts to our security forces and a laissez-faire attitude to protecting our borders mean that dozens of our ports are unguarded. I spoke to border security expert Chris Hobbs to hear what he'd do, and why we need more Border Force staff now!
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