The World's gone MAD!

Jon Gaunt declares that the World has gone mad! 

He can't believe the story of the paedophile and rapist who was allowed to say they identified as a woman and subsequently started sexually abusing other female prisoners in a Woman's Prison. Jon also can not believe that the MSM are referring to the Man as a she in their reports!

As he says the World has gone Mad!

Then a soldier is being booted out of the army for having his photo taken with Tommy Robinson meanwhile Britain's top cop refuses to get out of his car to save a colleague from a jihadist madman who is knifing hm to death in front of hie eyes!

The Cop keeps his job, his Knighthood and his massive pension whilst the squaddie gets booted out of the army.

The world has gone mad!

Finally Jon talks about Jeremy Corbyn's idea to extend Black History month and to run our Empire and our Country down.

The World has gone MAD and that is before Jon gets on to the Brexit Betrayal

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Another barnstorming podcast, Jon! Keep up the good works.