Theresa May is TOAST. We need Brexit PM with Nigel Farage as EU and USA Envoy.

Jon Gaunt is delighted that Theresa the Appeaser is toast. There is no way she can survive after  the resignations of David Davies and Boris.

Jon says that the Tories need to boot her boney arse out of Number 10 tobnight and put Boris, Gove, David Davies or Jacob in as PM.

He doesnt think it matters which one.

We then need to send a clear message to the EU that  all deals are off and that we are no longer playing by their bullying rules.

The best way to send this message is to appoint Nigel Farage to the Brexit Office and aslo give him a role in our relationship with Donald Trump and the USA.

This would also guarantee that when the General Election happens the Tories would get back in and Comrade Corbyn would be no where near the seat of power.

This is Gaunty in full funny rant mode anf it is a cracker!

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