Theresa May must go and go NOW. She is useless.

Theresa May is a disaster and if she clings to power she will not only make the Tory party unelectable but she will wreck the UK.

How many more Ministers have to resign or be sacked until she realises that she will never be a leader whilst I have a hole in my underpants. If she won't resign then the Tories must sack her immediately .

There is clearly a conspiracy to bring her Government down and I believe that there are dark forces who are intent on wrecking Brexit and denying the results of the Referendum.

If this goes on for much longer we will have a General Election and end up with a lousy coalition that will demand a re run of the EU Referendum.

This would be an affront to democracy.

Get your diaries out because Gaunty also has something nice to say about the BBC!!!!!!

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Jon where did you buy your set off dumbbells from mate looking for some thanks jeff