Theresa May's speech was brilliant. Did the Russians write it!

Jon Gaunt thinks he is living in a parallel Universe to the rest of the UK media as he can not understand why they are all raving about Theresa May's speech?

Jon thought it was as a dull as ditchwater and was an hour of her saying nothing.

But somehow this morning she is being portrayed, in the Dinosaur media, as some sort of cross between Winston Churchill and Maggie Thatcher!

Jon thinks we were watching pure choreography yesterday and he is not talking about her pathetic dancing!

Jon also thinks he could have predicted that there would be another "it woz the Russians wot done it" news story following the Theresa May speech and sure enough there was.

The MSM lap all this up without even questioning the timing.

Jon despairs at the state of our media and the UK in general and ask is he mad?

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