Theresa May, your police cuts have put us at more risk of terror!

Theresa May was warned by dozens of top coppers that cutting police numbers and armed police numbers by thousands would make us less safe, and she had the gall to accuse the Police Federation in 2015 of crying wolf! This woman is a disgrace, and she must accept her share of the blame for the terror deaths in this country in the past few months! Yes, we need to deal with the Islamist threat, but part of that is having well-resourced police across the country, and we do not! Nick Margerrison, standing in for Jon Gaunt, who is back tomorrow, spoke to Tony Long, former top marksman for the Metropolitan Police, about why we are less safe than ever under May!
Colonel Richard Kemp says shut down extremist mosques and detain all terror suspects, these are conditions of war! Nick spoke to the former commander of Britain's armed forces in Afghanistan to find out why he wants to see Theresa May go much further than she has done to fight radical Islam!
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