Tommy Robinson demo illustrates how our leaders and MSM hate us true Brits

Jon Gaunt is raging about the way the MSM tried to ignore the Tommy Robinson demonstration in London over the weekend. They all looked down their snooty noses at populism and what the decent silent majority want to happen in the UK.

Jon compares that Establishment attitude with the leadership of the USA by Trump. 

Donald Trump get elected on a ticket of making America great again and so far it looks like he is succeeding . He is putting Americans first and he is right to do so. Jon says just compare that to how May and the MSM portray  the decent silent majority of the UK. They think we are knuckle dragging morons who have no intelligence and should not have voted for Brexit. 

This is why she has dithered over Brexit and the rape gangs.

Jon does not agree with Tommy Robinson breaking the contempt laws but he does believe that the voices of the majority must be heard and that we need a serious grown up discussion about the Pakistani and Somalian Muslim rape gangs with the hysterical shouts of Waycism waycism etc.

It is time to make the UK great again but we do not have any politicians with a strong enough backbone to do it.

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Great news podcast. Well said, Jon G.