Tommy Robinson has a message for his online trolls!

Tommy Robinson is back in the news in his capacity as a journalist at Rebel Media, after he confronted staff at Wales Online for printing lies about him. Nick Margerrison, standing in for Gaunty, spoke to man himself, Tommy Robinson, about confronting his online trolls, death threats and why he will never leave England. 

Nick was then joined by Steve Marchant, from the Cartoon Museum, London to discuss the recent death of comic artist Leo Baxendale, famous for creating the bash Street Kids and Minnie the Minx. We all had a soft spot for the Beano in our youth, and Leo will be remembered as one of Britain\'s greatest and most influential cartoonists. 

Kim Jong Wrong-Un has been up to his old tricks as it has been reported than weapons wielded by North Korean troops at vast military parades are fake! Nick was joined by Michael Pegent, Adjunct Fellow at The Hudson Institute, who speculated that the tubby tyrant has been bluffing with plastic guns and rockets! Who\'d have thought it? 

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There is a video on YouTube of Mark Dice showing how easily it is to get people to believe something is racist when it clearly isn't. Search YouTube for Mark Dice the racism experiment.
Link below if it will post

Pure English Courage Tommy! Bedfordshire BRAVE
My Roots too, from Maulden, BEDFORDSHIRE..

Nick did a great job on the show - really enjoy listening to Nick