Tommy Robinson is no racist!

Piers Morgan, you have embarrassed yourself today! Tommy Robinson may hold extreme views, but he is not a racist, and his interview on Good Morning Britain just made Piers look stupid, and like he thought the audience were mugs! If you disagree with Tommy fine, but don't just talk over him!
Right-wing extremism is being overplayed by the media, because no one wants to have a grown-up conversation about terrorism. Yesterday's horrific attack on ordinary Muslims outside Finsbury Park is being linked to some broader far-right conspiracy, even though it sounds like Darren Osborne acted alone. What's really going on? I spoke to Mike Yardley, terrorism and security expert.
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So did you ever get TR in? I agree that he needs time to prepare & time express his opinions and experiences

Jon, You need to get Tommy into the studio one afternoon and take some time talking over issues and also let some listeners speak to him. Tommy never has time to say all he wants to get said and it always seems like he's raging, when all it is really is the lack of time he has to voice his views. I watched the Oxford talk he did on Youtube and he was totally calm for the whole hour and a quarter just because no one butted in and he could speak normally. Everyone watch it if you havn't already.

That's a good idea Dave we have plans to do something like this

Dam!!! You beat me to it Dave. That would be fantastic Jon. Make it happen mate!

Simple put Tommy is a hero of the people and in years to come will be seen as such

Piers Morgan must feel like an idiot today! He never gave TR s chance to speak and like anyone who doesn't want a debate just talks over the other person. Invite him on Jon - he doesn't have the balks to face you!!

Thanks for your comments. This is why we need the home of free speech now more than ever!

Well done Jon for dealing with Gary Lineker's No.1 Fan. I can imagine that guy has got a room full of Lineker memorabilia all over the walls, like that episode in Alan Partridge with his No. 1 fan.

There's a good thread about the interview on 4chan /pol/.

Ironic isn't it. When someone speaks the truth about what's really going on, they get shouted at, blocked and labelled as racist thugs. Those SJW individuals will reap what they sow in the years to come. We need more Jon Gaunt's, Tommy's, Raheem's and Katie Hopkins to speak freely without fear of repercussions!

Totally right Manny. Jpn should have Tommy on to have his own podcast- would then be able to get his message over in a more relaxed and measured manner. I would like to hear more of Tommy- a guy like Jon who says it as it is- same as Me Vance!!