Tommy Robinson on why no major party will get tough on Islamism!

Today he put out a video on Rebel Media telling you why he won't vote for the Labour Party because of their record on terrorism. But Tommy Robinson, founder of the EDL, doesn't believe Theresa May and the Tories are much better! I got him on to hear why he thinks that whoever wins, no major party are prepared to stand up to Islamist fascism!
Theresa May started this campaign as the strong and stable choice. But she's ended it leaden-footed and constipated! Those are the words of political columnist and former political editor for The Sun Trevor Kavanagh. Trevor told me why even though his paper are heavily backing the Prime Minister, he thinks she's had a shocking campaign!
Whilst I was away my microphone was in the capable hands of Nick Margerrison, AKA Nick the Nob. I got Nick on today to hear if he's still not voting, and if he thinks there'll be any surprises tonight! Is it case of no matter who you vote for, the government always gets in?
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We just need to take back control stealthily! Without direct confrontation, this is what the authorities seem to me doing!

I case people were unaware there is an UNITED MUSLIM Convention on 9th July at the bingley hall Birmingham 11 hate preachers will be giving talks Abdur Raheem Green to name one who is on record for anti west propaganda after everything I feel discussed that these people are given a platform The Bingley Hall is big old place, how is this allowed? Anyone?