Tommy Robinson was an Idiot on Friday.

I like Tommy but he was an absolute idiot on Friday to do what he did outside Leeds Crown Court.

I believe in our judicial system and I believe that everyone has a right to a fair trial.

I think Tommy let his heart rule his head and I don't think he thought about the possible consequences to the alleged victims and others in this case.

I don't like the fact that he was locked up within five hours and there is a desperate need to debate these issues in public but Tommy won't be able to do that from behind bars will he?

The time for the debate and the demos is after the verdicts are handed down and the Guilty are exposed not before.

I believe Tommy has handed those on the left and in the Establishment Elite an own goal to clamp down even further on those on the right and to close down the debate on one of the most serious crimes the UK is facing at the moment.

It was not about Free Speech it was I am afraid Contempt of Court.

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watch this then say isn't the stitch up

The case was ending that day for sentencing and they had prison bags with them as Tommy asked them how they felt as any journalist would --one said he would f--k Tommies mother --no other people except one passerby was there for one hour then the Police decided to arrest Tommy and bang him up quicker than you can say Jack Robinson --contempt absolute rubbish .

Sorry he was arrested for Breech of Peace which was rubbish , contempt was thought about after which he did not transgress he even queried where he could stand , given 3 months previously tenuous again , very courageous not idiot --also its brought attention worldwide to our TOTALITARIAN POLICE STATE no MSMEDIA coverage of events CHRISTIAN ACTIVISTS stopped at our borders detained and sent back . ISIS returning terrorists let in willy nilly . I live in KZ ex USSR but even Russia is not as bad !

Just listened to your Podcast regarding Tommy Robinson, and from one of the people I quote don't give a shit about , you've just lost me as a listener , and my £100:00 donation. Was gong the make on pay day ,

Just shows what contempt you have for your listening public., hoping those people you don't give a shit about , wake up and cancel their subscriptions .

You deserve all you get from now on .

What are you on about Trevor? It is my opinion and if you do not like you do not have to listen and of course you do not have to donate. But I refuse to be your or any ones performing monkey and only say what you want to hear.

Will Piers Morgan go to jail for doing the same thing

What about tommy's right to justice, that was a kangaroo court he was denied proper legal representation or time in which to prepare his defence