Traitor Theresa the Appeaser is a Panto Dame. Sainsbury Disgusts me!

EU Chiefs applauded Theresa May! Well theres a surprise as this arch remover sold the UK down the river. Like a drunken Poker Player Theresa has constantly shown the opponent her hand and they have royally screwed us over.

Trade talks won't even start until March so why have we had the pantomime of the last two weeks with early morning flights etc? It is all choreographed BS to con the UK of our democratic decision to get out of the EU. Now with the Transition period we will still be effectively in the EU until 2021! Is that what we voted for?

On a completely different note Jon Gaunt goes off on a rant against his local Sainsbury store who have failed to grit or salt their car park. He also makes a passionate demand for real local shops not the big boys charging up to thirty percent more in these so called Convenience or local stores.

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