Trial by Twitter is wrong. Cornflakes are cereal killers!

Jon Gaunt is disgusted that the Huddersfield bullying row has turned into  a trial by Twitter with the lefties finding the white lad guilty without a trial NowTommy Robinson has entered the fight and his supporters are doing the same thing with the Syrian lad.

Jon says all of this is wrong and does nothing to help either side and it sickens Jon.

Kelloggs have at last agreed to have traffic light symbols on their sugary products but Jon says it is too little too late and says we should never eat any cereal at Breakfast. He also has some interesting facts on Kelloggs and vegans which might make you raise your eyebrows!

Jon also ridicules the row over whether Jeremy Corbyn should have a TV debate about Brexit. They have spent all day arguing which channel it should be on. For God's sake will someone please get a grip, our country is being sold out!

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