Trump adviser Roger Stone says President has done nothing wrong!

President Trump's long time adviser Roger Stone, host of the Stone Cold Truth, came on the show today to defend the President! Roger told me that Donald has done nothing wrong in sharing information related to ISIS with Russia. I agree with Roger, this is another attempt by the mainstream media and liberal sore losers to use fake news to smear their president! Dummies back in, snowflakes! If you want to know more about Trump, check out Roger's brilliant new book Making of the President.

Before that, I spoke about matters a little closer to home, in fact in the same room as me! Tony Pycroft, who has been on tour with me doing everything from finding guests, to sorting out the hotels, to driving us across America, is standing for UKIP in his home constituency of Selby. The Sun, in a classic example of lazy journalism, have found some old tweets of his that made fun of Islam, and have painted him as a vile racist! Check out his tweets, I think he's done nothing wrong, this is Fleet Street going after anybody who doesn't fit the status quo!

Are civil liberties under attack in the name of fighting terrorism? Human rights group CAGE, who I've had run-ins with in the past on my show, are mounting a legal challenge after their director, Muhammed Rabbani, was arrested at Heathrow for refusing to to hand over passwords to his devices. This is now standard anti-terror procedure, but is it a step too far? I spoke to Ibrahim Mohamoud, a spokesperson for CAGE, to find out more.

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