Trump Balloon is an insult. Govt and MSM Salisbury saga insults our intelligence.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has given permission for a six metre high balloon of Donald Trump dressed in a nappy to be flown in Westminster when the President of the Free World visits.

Jon Gaunt say that this a calculated insult to Donald Trump and if pipsqueak Khan won't ban it then Theresa May should.

Not content with insulting and upsetting one of the most powerful men in the world it would seem that Theresa May and her useless Government want to also keep on picking a fight with Putin and Russia.

Oh what a coincidence as May's Government crashes and burns we have more trouble in Salisbury with nerve gas.

Jon Gaunt say he just doesn't believe the narrative about the Novichok.

We are being lied to by this lousy Government says Jon.

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(cont.3)... including gay or bi-sexual men, suspected jihadists, presumed drug users and critics of the government.

increasingly use their power to ban foreign organizations as “undesirable,” and penalize Russian nationals and organizations for supposed involvement with them. Chechen authorities are waging their war on human rights (cont.)...defenders, resorting to such tactics as fabrication of criminal cases, attacks on property and threats of retaliation against family members. With Moscow’s tacit blessing, local security officials forcibly disappear and torture those deemed undesirable.(cont.2)..

No Jon, obviously the Russians don't eat their babies, but here's a short extract from Human Rights watch:

'Today, Russia is more repressive than it has ever been in the post-Soviet era. The state has tightened control over free expression, assembly, and speech, aiming to silence independent critics, including online. The authorities crack down on critical media, viciously harass political activists and peaceful protesters, engage in smear campaigns against independent groups, (cont.)...

You're quite right, Jon, they are not your government, your government sits on the banks of the Moskva river.

Brilliant as usual. Hope you don't get arrested and/or disappear.