Uber decision is a disgrace. Betfair is sending Greyhound racing to the dogs.

The decision to allow UBER to operate again in London is disgraceful and stinks of an Establishment stitch up and major questions need to be asked.

This is not about a row between black cabs and UBER this is about the fact that this cowboy outfit were not being open about the rapes and sexual abuses that were happening in thier cars.

No way should these almost apologists for rape be given a second chance to operate in London.

Thye should have been drummed out of London and the UK.

Jon Gaunt is also fully supporting the Pay UP Campaign which is trying to protect the great sport of Greyhound Racing.

The campaign is wanting a level playing field with horse racing where the Bookies have to pay a compulsory levy based on their turnover to the sport.

The campaign alleges that Betfair are not paying at all and that the sport is under threat.


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