UK Muslims must do more to root out child grooming gangs!

Another week, another Muslim grooming gang is found guilty of raping and abusing non-Muslim girls in the UK. Every time it happens we're told not to judge the whole community, or we're told that they're "Asian" grooming gangs, not Muslim. Well I didn't see any Chinese people in the picture of the scumbags who carried out this barbarity on hundreds of girls in Newcastle. This is a Muslim problem, and I'm not afraid to call a spade a spade anymore! To get his thoughts on the children who have been put through this ordeal, I spoke to the founder of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood Peter Saunders.

UKIP London Assembly Member David Kurten is in hot water with the gay community, and with his own party's deputy leader Peter Whittle, after he was quoted as saying gay people are more likely to have been abused as kids. David came on my show to tell me he isn't ashamed of his Christian beliefs! Is he right, or is Peter right to say he has no place in UKIP?

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Jon, you're correct, they need to do more but they wont. They're autocratically controlled. They'd be cast down as 'Apostates' or 'Kafirs' and would fear for their lives. There'd be a half chance if the MSM talked about it but appeasement is the path of least resistance so they won't. 'Wage Slaves' as you call them. It'd be different if their kids were raped wouldn't it?Thank God for your show, Info wars etc, if only we had political leaders that had courage. Thatcher would've squared it by now!

MrsThatcher was a patriotic politician who made Britain Great and proud after a period of being run by Labour and its Unions cronies making Britain the"SICK man of Europe".However after a long prosperous era,treason inside her own party was rife.She was OUSTED Since then Britain has had mediocrity as political leaders and the results can be seen,heard worldwide.Britain is not only SICK as it is dying,being ripped of by scroungers ,fraudsters and terrorists allowed to roam and proliferate .

Here we go for a bit of info. Btw can't stand the Pakistani community, they are corrupt as we are but get away with it.

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