UK needs I. D. Cards not Sajid Javid. Abolish House of Lords.

Jon Gaunt is laughing at the appointment of Sajid Javid as Home Secretary.

Jon says people in the UK do want a hostile environment to illegal immigrants and the only way to stop illegal immigration is to introduce identity cards immediately.

Jon is also saying that Theresa May should resign but he fears for the UK 's future if Jeremy Corbyn is PM and Diane Abbott is Home Secretary.

Jon then turns his attention to the Unelected House of Lords and their attempt last night to over rule the democratic will of the UK population by derailing Brexit.

Gaunty call for the abolition of the House of Lords.

Let Jon have your views on his website

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ID cards should be mandatory, not everone has a driving licence or a passport. I had an ID card for my first 5 years in Spain and it was so convenient, then the tosspots in Brussels decided that as EU citizens living in another EU country we should have an A4 sheet of paper with our ID number on but we must also carry our passports to prove who we are, progress? NOT.but it all makes sense now that they have invited most of the 3rd world to live in Europe, where are their ID cards?

For voting purposes yes, as long as they are free,of course, because like most British born people i already have many forms of ID and don't see why because of the hordes from the 3rd world i should have to pay for more ID

Always been pro I.D cards. Especially when using nhs. Last time when proposed by Labour too many liberals kicked off with the usual 'we didn't fight the Nazis for nothing'. The time is right and you're right, with I.D cards there wouldn't be the Windrush mess.

He wouldn't have been a vampire Jon as Vamps don't like garlic! for immigrants i am fine with, but for everyone NO, why should these greedy troughers benefit from I.D cards, we already have Driving licences Passports both can be counterfeited or are available from genuine sources via the back door, because they employ some dishonest people