UK needs to copy Spain and have a proper #coronavirus lock down

Paul Rouan has now been in lockdown on the beautiful Island of Tenerife for 12 days.

He is not alone as the whole of Spain has been locked down and sealed off to confront the dangers of Covid-19.

Spain along with Italy is now the epicentre of the pandemic and the Spanish PM is about to extend the lockdown for a further 15 days.

Paul agrees that this is necessary even if he is going stir crazy. He says most people are respecting the rules and staying home.

He is amazed that the UK is still allowing fights to land in Britain from the most affected areas including Madrid and Milan in Italy.

Listen to this podcast and tell us if you think Boris needs to go further with a full lockdown and a curfew.

He believes that Boris' clampdown does not go far enough and is too liberal and says if you give  people an inch they will always take a yard.

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