UK needs Trump NOT Khan

Compare and contrast the achievements of Donald Trump and Sadiq Khan.

Trump has brought peace to North Korea and secured the release of USA citizens and Khan has done what exactly?!

He has been busy getting selfies and virtue signalling and talking about diversity whilst London burns and the murder rate grows higher then New York.

We need people in power who put the interests of their people FIRST. Love him or loath him that is exactly what Trump has done and it is working.

In comparison the whole Political class in the UK is spineless and self serving and Jon Gaunt said they make him sick!

Khan wants to school Trump in diversity. Gaunty says shut up you pipsqueak!

Forget the demos and the schooling Khan and lets roll out the red carpet and give Donald Trump a full State visit .

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Another great podcast, Jon. You say what many Britons think about the state of the Nation. Keep up the good work, Jon and don't stop believing in a better Britain.

Was listening to (Jonathan) Pye , and he was saying why have the the right wing , the likes of Katie Hopkins, and Tommy Robinson picked up on the freedom of speech, and the left wing totally ignored it.
I don't think he's realised, that the left wing still have freedom of speech. It seems to me that the left wing can say anything, and if anyone dares to disagree, you are labelled fascist