UK politicians despise us. Whitby Lifeboat. Rape gang should swing.

Jon Gaunt is stating quite clearly that the MSM reaction to Donald Trump's stunning success in Korea is further evidence that the controlled media hate him and everyone who votes for him. 

The Brexit fiasco in the Commons is further proof that  our Politicians and the Establishment Elite hold us plebs in contempt.

This is a full on attack from Gaunty and he has some harsh words for the  PC pussies of the R.N.L.I. who have sacked 2 lifeboat men in Whitby.

Jon is also disgusted at what he sees as the far too lenient sentences for the latest rape gang in Oxford.

Don't miss this episode it is a cracker!

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Tommy knew their sentences would or will be a joke . He went to Leeds because he knew it wouldn't it wouldn't be publicised

Then they say Tommy, could have jeopardised the case in Leeds . But let's face it , wouldn't you rather the case fold because these monsters are exposed, rather than the case go ahead and them all be given joke sentences?