UK universities are pro-Remain propaganda machines.

Universities are supposed to teach the next generation to think critically and have an open mind, instead they’re just forcing pro-Remain propaganda down our children’s throats. When Conservative MP Chris Heaton-Harris had the nerve to send a letter to university Vice Chancellors asking for details on staff teaching about Brexit, all of our “brightest and best” had a hissy fit!

Tory colleague Paul Scully, MP for Sutton and Cheam, yesterday tweeted a picture of a “100% Remain” campaign leaflet handed out by one of his daughter’s university lecturers. I spoke to Paul to hear why he thinks our universities have become nothing more than propaganda machines for the political elite!

Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid more than $9 MILLION to a law firm that is linked to the authors of the infamous Trump dossier. Hillary Clinton is staying silent, but has she broken the law, and could Crooked Hillary soon be in the dock? I spoke to the top Washington lobbyist Alex Beckells, to find out what he makes of all this.

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