UKIP deselecting Anne-Marie Waters proves they're going soft on Sharia!

UKIP are in turmoil over the potential deselection of Anne Marie Waters, the founder of Sharia Watch UK. Anne Marie, the former Labour Party activist, was set to stand in Lewisham East in South London, but now she might be banned after Nuttall said some of her statements on Islam made him "a bit uncomfortable". I thought Nuttall was going to get tough on Islamism and Sharia law, but it sounds like he's caving into pressure from the Tory-light elements of the party! I spoke to Anne Marie on the show.

Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart Raheem Kassam has written a brilliant piece about how the deselection of Anne Marie will be the end of UKIP. Does this prove that the party and Paul Nuttall might talk tough on terror and Sharia, but don't walk the walk? I spoke to Raheem live from Washington DC.

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Jon, I thought Paul was brighter than that. If you capitulate to the pressure, you become one of ' Them' and you lose the people, the 'Grass Roots'. There is a huge electorate gap where UKIP could capitalise but unlike Trump they lost their credibility. UKIP are dead ducks unless Anne Marie is given the chance. 'MUSLIM' rape gang needs to be high on the agenda because it speaks for the Grass Roots. The MSM would have no choice but to air the real context of Rape Gangs and defend innocent Asians.

I would prefer Anne Marie to be UKIP leader.then I would vote for UKIP. I like her views on Islam.I voted Brexit purely on Islamic immigration and atrocities caused by Muslims. UKIP would clean up.its not about eastern immigration or money.

Thought Anne Marie was very gracious in her chat with Jon. I guess UKIP have now reaped the consequence of their decisions.

Anne Marie is a very educated, straight talking individual and would have been a big asset to ukip - very poor/weak decision by Paul nuttal who dies not seem like leadership material to me!

This is a ridiculous decision taken by Nuttal, ukip are meant to be the Party who talk the uncomfortable truth that the other Parties would never touch in a million years. Anne Marie's knowledge is vital to ukip at the moment.

UKIP leader has made a huge mistake with this decision

I have got to say Anne Marie waters is a very brave woman and she speaks truthfully if she gets deselected because of her views then UKIP have failed us all.