UN says Brexit made UK more racist?! Skripals and Libya Compo Cover up

Jon Gaunt is back and he is firing from the lip.

He is fuming that Theresa May has given a full apology and half a million pounds to a man who the Libyan's tortured.

Jon says it is an Establishment cover up to excuse Jack Straw, Tony Blair and our spooks from taking any blame for their actions.

Gaunty is still intrigued by the Skripal case and believes the Government and the  MSM narrative has fallen apart but because D Notices have been issued no real journalism is being done and no one is asking the right questions about who actually did the crime in Salisbury.

Finally Jon lets rip at the UN inspector who has held a press conference and stated that Brexit made the UK an even more racist Country?! 

You must listen to this episode as Jon is at his furious best!  


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