Vile Mike Graham, Keith Vaz and stupid Boris

Mike Graham from @talkradio is a disgrace. He appears to be blaming the child rape victims in Telford for their attacks by Pakistani rape gangs. Gaunty is disgusted by this ill-informed, ignorant and foul attack on innocent girls some as young as 12.

Meanwhile Keith Vaz is being probed again (stop sniggering at the back!) but Jon Gaunt is annoyed that he is not being prosecuted for the serious allegation that were lad against him by the Sunday Mirror in 2016.

Jon is meant to be keeping calm on Doctor's orders but completely loses it when he talks about the fact that our new Blue British passports are going to be made in....France!!

Finally Jon tells Boris Johnson to wind his fat neck in and stop increasing the tension with Russia. His accusation that the World Cup will be like the 1936 Nazi Olympics is deeply offensive and not only to Russians.

Meanwhile Donald Trump is showing real leadership and strength by calling for and getting a meeting with Putin.

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