We must NOT BOMB Syria. Enough of this diversion!

Jon Gaunt is adamant that the UK must not bomb Syria with out more evidence. We could end up with another Libya or Iraq on our hands and make the whole region unstable.

We must verify the information coming from the White Helmets and we must be aware these so called rebels are actually  Islamic State.

Gaunty also questions what is wrong with Theresa May and Boris Johnson why do they want to keep attacking Putin and Russia.

The Salisbury nerve gas narrative is just getting more and more stupid. Why can we not see Yulia and does any one really believe the MSM narrative that is being spun

Lets concentrate on the rape gangs, the murder epidemic in London and the Brexit Betrayal.

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There's 2 ancient French and Chinese Art of war proverbs and military tactics long lost, discovered by Anwar Sadat apparently. It's "highly likely" lives were lost recovering them from Syria.
"One of the Most effective ways to win a war is gas your own citizens when you are winning so the Unites States can destroy you" Napoleon Bonaparte
"When your enemy is nearly defeated and final victory is at hand, gas your own people so that nations greater than yours will intervene and destroy you" Sun Tz

Great podcast Gaunty...spot on as always....May and the rest of the government are a joke...taking us to the brink of ww3 and I can assure you we will loose....

Holy fuck, what were we thinking getting behind Trump the king of double speak the fucker could be taking us into a war to end all wars!