We need a Donald Trump in the UK NOW!!

A year ago Donald Trump got elected on a ticket of making America Great again. He defeated Clinton, The Democrats, The MSM and even his own party as the American public declared a pox on all their houses of Politics in DC.

I am fed up of people saying he is acting in an unpresidential way or that he is a racist, sexist or a fascist. He is none of these things he is a leader who believes in his people and his own country.

So you ask could we have someone like that in the UK? I say no because of our stupid electoral, first past the post system and the way our political partied would only ever choose identikit no marks to stand for election. There are no mavericks or free thinkers in UK politics.

So we need to change the system and we need a populist front to fight for our rights. We need to stop looking for a leader to take us to the promised land and instead we need to organise, cooperate and fight for our traditions, our culture, our history and indeed our future. Don't look to "Westminster" as those self serving pigs will never deliver we need to look to ourselves.

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Hello Jon thought there was live shows Thursday and Friday with nick the knob where are you just pre recorded shows jeff