We need a Politician who will put Country before Party and their own ambition.

Jon Gaunt says that the Brexit fiasco illustrates just how deep the swamp is at Westminster.

After Theresa May's beating up at the hands of the EU Mafia and then her Poundshop Churchill or Maggie Thatcher speech the day after, when she had dried her tears, he despairs for the future of the UK.

She must be removed before she does any more lasting damage but their does not appear to be a Tory with the  balls to do it.

Meanwhile Labour is in disarray and can not even agree to take advantage of the situation preferring instead to suggest that they too are going to ignore the democratic wish of the People and force through another EU Referendum.

We need someone, any one who will put our Country first and walk away from the EU.

Meanwhile Nigel Farage seems to be more concerned about whether Tommy Robinson should be allowed to join UKIP rather than organising an united front on the Right to challenge these swamp dwellers.

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Great podcast, Jon. Well said that man! We need strong patriotic politicians who put Great Britain first and not their own selfish ambition or party affiliation.