We need USA Cop for knife crime. Jacko and Fake news in MSM.

It is clear that no one in Government or the Establishment have a clue how to stop the knife crime killings.

Jon has been saying for ages that we need to bring in the man who cleaned up New York, Bill Bratton and now at last the Sun seem to be agreeing with Gaunty.

We need the 20 thousand police jobs cut by Theresa May restored like yesterday and our cops need to be tougher and more focused and of course Stop and Search has to come back NOW.

Jon is also disgusted by the Michael Jackson film. However the question is should we now ban all of his songs from the radio?

Finally Jon has a go at the MSM and dinosaur press who today have printed a story saying Statins can cause Type 2 diabetes after saying the complete opposite only a few days ago! 

They just print any old fake news they can as a primitive form of click bait and it disgusts Jon Gaunt.

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