We should all sing from same hymn sheet about EU, moped crime and Skripals

Jon Gaunt says it is unbelieveable that FIFA think they can tell English fans that they can not sing anti EU songs when we play Belguim. It is called footbal banter surely?

This is just another example of how the elite always want to demonise England and the English says Gaunty.

He also says lets get really tough on moped crime and no copper should be investigated for going in hard and tough on these thugs.

Jon also has harsh words for Boris Johnson over Heathrow and his anti Russia stance and Emily Thornberry and her anti Trump rhetoric.

Finally Jon is astounded that after spending 7.5 MILLION pounds investigating the Skripal case we are now spending over a million pounds buying their houses and the home of the Copper off them.

Jon says he smells a cover up.

What do you think?


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