Whilst Theresa May fiddles Britain is burning.

Whilst all this Brexit cobblers over Theresa May's Brexit betrayal dominates the MSM the UK is burning and on the verge of anarchy according to Jon Gaunt.

He highlights the story about a violent thug in London who was caught on dash cam trying to smash a car window with a large combat knife. He was given a suspended sentence after giving the  silly judge a a sob story about needing the knife to protect himself against gangs.

Gaunty thinks this is a green light for all thugs to carry knives and Jon is in favour of long sentences instead because as he says you can not knife someone if you are banged up in prison.

He also talks about the alleged bullying attack in Huddersfield and says that the Twitter row that has followed is trial by Twitter which is a dangerous precedent. Jon is pleased that the boy has now been charged and that the place to try this boy is in a court of law and not on Social media.

Jon also declares his support for Sammy Woodhouse who is campaigning for a new law to stop rapists having any contact or say in the lives of children who are born as a result of their sexual attacks.

Jon also supports Nigel Farage's call to immediately deport any of the illegal migrants who end up on the beaches of Dover.

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