Who cares who won I'm A celeb or the election!

Jon Gaunt is glad to boast he wasn't watched one episode of I'm a Celebrity and he hasn't  got a clue who won and why they are a celeb?

Likewise he losing interest in who wins the election because none of them are brave enough to talk about the real issues facing this country. Which Jon say is immigration, the BBC licence fee, Islamist Terror and knife crime. 

Instead both sides use the NHS as a political football and are afraid to voice any real hard opinions.

Meanwhile the population is being drugged by a combination of crap fast food and reality TV shows.

This is Jon Gaunt in full rant mode and despairing of how low this country and our culture has sunk.

Jon says it is a good thing that his mum was cremated in the early Seventies otherwise she would be spinning in her grave at the state of this Septic Isle! 

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