Who should be UKIP leader, Farage or Anne Marie Waters?

Nigel Farage has categorically denied that he wants to start a new party if Anne Marie Waters wins the leadership election this Friday, but he hasn't said that he won't come back to UKIP. Do the party need him to save Brexit, or should it go to an outsider like Waters? Would you vote for Farage if he started a new party with Arron Banks? Comment on this page and have your say.

Labour MP Clive Lewis says that ANY limit on immigration is racist, and Nick Clegg jokes that there will be a second EU referendum because all Brexit voters are old and will die soon... and you still think that we're going to get our Brexit? The enemies of democracy are out in force, and anybody to the right is wrong. Just look at the way the MSM have smeared the Eurosceptic AfD party in Germany.

The BBC couldn't wait to call them "far right", after they achieved their highest ever result in the German elections. I spoke to podcaster and columnist for Breitbart London James Delingpole to find out what he makes of the AfD, and if he thinks Brexit is in danger. Check out James' excellent piece in The Spectator about why we must never accept terrorism as the new normal!

What was in Anthony the Snowflake's porridge this morning? He had his liberal knickers in a twist about Donald Trump's row with the NFL. I stand with the President, you should be proud to be American and stand by your flag, and anybody who doesn't respect the national anthem isn't fit to play in the league! I schooled the liberal Anthony on today's show, but what do you think?

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