Why can't liberals and Lefties say sorry and admit they got it wrong?

Jon Gaunt is angry and amazed that liberals and lefties and the Cultural Marxist Common Purpose mob, who infest all of our major institutions and political parties, can never admit that they are in the wrong.

They are always so keen to slag off right of centre opinion as far right or fake news.

They condemned Boris Johnson for "politicising' the murder of Jack Merritt but now the Guardian has a front page doing exactly that but from a liberal viewpoint? Go figure!

They slag off Donald Trump and spread Fake News that he wants his hands on the NHS but when he says that is not true they still can't admit they were wrong?

Corbyn has now been forced to say sorry for the rampant anti-Semitism that infects his party, but again sorry seems to be the hardest word for him too.

Have a listen and see if you agree with Jon and let him now on Twitter and Facebook tonight.

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