Why should Boris apologise? Skripal diversion tactic. Right being silenced.

Jon Gaunt criticised Boris Johnson yesterday for sitting on the fence over the banning of the Burqa but now the Tories are demanding he apologises for criticising the wearing of the veil.

This Country is going to the dogs if a major Politician cannot criticise this oppressive garb with out being shouted down as a racist, a pound shop Donald Trump or you've guessed it an Islamaphobe.

We are being led by donkeys braying their PC nonsense.

Jon also welcomes the fact that it looks like the UK Government my try and extradite 2 Russians for the Salisbury attacks. But Jon smells a rat and thinks this could be another diversion story away from the failure of Brexit.

Jon also talks about the banning of Alex Jones form social media and ponders whether is worth the right continuing the fight as the lefties seem to control the whole political agenda.

Jon is in reflective mood at the end of this podcast.

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