Would you vote for Morrissey? Khan apology for Murder?!

Morrissey is to be congratulated as he has managed to upset all the liberal snowflakes and the Daily Mail in one single interview.

Mozza thinks that Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner and that the two main political parties are denying him his free speech.

The Daily Mail is outraged by this and says that there is a twitter storm again him but then closes comments down not the silly article they have written about Tommy? Jon Gaunt says you have to ask them why? Are they afraid of a backlash?!

Mozza also restates his support for Anne Marie Walters and her For Britain Party 

Jon Gaunt is calling for London Mayor Sadiq Khan to resign or be sacked after his mealy mouthed apology and blame shifting for the murder epidemic in London and is wondering if Morrisey, with his views, would make a better fist of the job?



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