Zero tolerance on knife crime now! London worse then New York!

Jon Gaunt says the time for pussy footing around knife and gun crime in London is over.

We need zero tolerance like New York and we need it now.

Theresa May's Police cuts have been a disaster the 20 thousand Police jobs need to be reinstated and Cops need to be Cops and use extensive stop and search and forget about political correctness.

Sentencing needs to be harsher , mush harsher.

Schools and parents must play their part and take responsibility for their children.

Sadiq Khan and Cressida Dick have been a disaster for London and it is turning into a Third World Hole.

Gaunty also is happy that the useless DPP , Alison Saunders is being sacked form the CPS as she is part of the problem.

It is time the UK looked after the needs of the Decent Silent t majority and not the feral, the feckless, the foreigners and the long term useless !

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@Manny the Chauffeur. I do, frequently, but that is not a spelling mistake it is the incorrect use of the word 'then' instead of 'than', two similar words but with completely different meanings and this particular effort from our friends in the deep south is spreading like the plague. I expect better considering all the aids we have for grammar and spelling. The English language is a beautiful thing and I intend to point out when it is being abused.

OK so there's lots more important things going on to whinge about, but please, please stop transposing 'then' for 'than' as per the banner above. We aren't in the deep south. Ta.

Have you never made a typing error in your grammar Trevelly?