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New York, Boston and Washington DC here we come.

Well we are back off Stateside in the middle of October and it’s all thanks to you and your generous support and donations and of course to our new USA sponsor, PROBIO Energy International.

Click here to check out their video and you will see why I am very proud to have them as our USA partner.

We will be supplying you with top guests and a flavour of these great USA cities as we bring you our live shows and podcasts at the usual transmission times. Hopefully we will bring you the stories and opinions that the Controlled MSM won’t and don’t want you to hear.

I am incredibly proud of what we have all achieved these past couple of years and it is a sign of our influence and continued success that we keep getting invited back to the States. It is even gratifying to see the MSM and the Lame Stream UK media nicking our guests because as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!

Seriously though, there has never been a time where alternative media is more needed than in this age of Fake News and controlled opinions and the constant onslaught of attacks on Free Speech and our Freedom of Expression.

We will never be cowed by Political Correctness or the Group Think of the Social Justice Warriors and Virtue Signallers and if you think that is as important as I do then please spread the word and donate below to help us continue our vital work.

Please check out the Rocky Roll of Honour of all those who have already generously donated to the cause. 

Once again thank you for all your support.